Homeowners invest a lot in the creation of outdoor living, included decks, balustrades, pergolas, permanent and removable roofs.

The lighting for your outdoor living is very important and will add a lot for the great look and functionality.

One of the examples is using the BMS-ODL024 for deck and ground lighting solution.

It is very durable and robust recessed into the floor surface light which can be walked or even driven on.

  • 100% waterproofed with a high electrical rating of IP67 can be exposed to any amount of water;
  • made of 316-grade stainless steel and cast aluminium body, 12mm taught glass and very well sealed;
  • very safe – 12V DC; very bright – 3W, 120lumens and very economical; minimal mode design – outer diameter 48mm, cutout 42mm.

THIS LIGHT WILL PROVIDE UNFORGETTABLE LOOK FOR YOUR DECK/BALCONY and will create comfort and cost-effective illumination!

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