The residential and small commercial security are more frequently compromised in last years. Unfortunately, the rates of burglary in big cities and especially in Auckland are going up.

It is the interest of each of us to keep our properties protected from dishonest people. There are a lot of different options on the market. So, which one to choose will be always not an easy decision.
BMS offer you very elegant, modern, creative and cost-effective solution based on Smanos K1 technology!

This elegant system completely wireless, integrated into your WiFi and supported by your smartphone. The system supports up to 50 different devises included PIR sensors, keypads, door/widows magnets, cameras, sirens indoor and outdoor, smoke detector/alarm, tag access, thermostat, flood and moisture sensors and more.

It is revolutionary functional and very elegant looking at your home providing full control of your security.

We have installed the first system of Smanos K1 which included operation hub, keypad, x3 PIR sensors and internal siren in Parnell’s apartment.

We are looking forward to hearing from you for your next order for the alarm system

Posted by:BMS

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