The ventilation and moisture extraction of the bathrooms are very important especially in winter time when we try to insulate our homes as much as possible avoiding a heat loss.

There are many different options however we suggest to use the following two:

Round internal grill on the picture is connecting the ducting pipe to the inline fan of Fantech which is located in the loft space; the advantages are – very quiet, very safe, easy access if installed properly, very efficient, invisible; disadvantages – not applicable in the most apartments and the houses with limited ceiling cavity

Square white grill on the picture is 300 Fantech silent wall/ceiling fan with delay function up to 30min; advantages – very modern and cool design, comes with LED colourful light indicator, requires a very small cavity and can be installed pretty much in any space where ducting 150mm accessible; delay function will run the fan for up to 30min after it switched off to finalise the job in your bathroom/kitchen/laundry; disadvantage – a bit more loud than inline option, too good to have more disadvantages – just piece of the art!


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