Please consider using this solution for your bathroom and kitchen, or any other place with tiles!

Bright Mirror Solution offers you the line of products allow to get LED strip lights integrated into the walls or floor giving you a different dimensions of the lighting and featuring decoration of your space. The product is presented on these pictures and video is included the range of aluminium channels can be integrated in between the tiles and drywall (drywall application will be demonstrated for you separately!). The channels are available to be used as a edge trim for your tiling, joint tiles integration, interior and exterior corners, corners of the wall/floor and wall/ceiling. When you design your new bathroom consider to use the following solution by following the steps:

plan the application with your architect/designer

contact your electrician (Bright Mirror Solution can help you with the entire process) to install and prewire the channels

your tiller will do great job of installing the tiles around the channels

your electrician will install the LED strip (one colour or multi-colours RGB) connecting to to switch or motion activated sensor

….and all left is to enjoy absolutely amazing look and functionality

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