Mirror/Mirror Cabinet/Wall Lights – for modern bathrooms and other rooms in your unique house

These products are the passport portfolio of Bright Mirror Solution company

Show us your target space for the mirror/mirror cabinet and we create a special mirror with the light and functionality

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The following lights are all IP44 rated and designed for wet areas of bathrooms:

BMS-020-300A (Chrome) Size: 300X110X35 Power: 6W  Lumens: 450-500


BMS-020-A (Chrome) Size: 400X110X35 Power: 6W  Lumens: 450-500


BMS-020-600A  (Chrome) Size: 600X110X35 Power: 12W  Lumens: 750-800


BMS-020-740A  (Chrome) Size: 740X110X35 Power: 12W  Lumens: 750-800


BMS-002-300A (Chrome) Size: 300X110X45 Power: 5W  Lumens: 380-400


BMS-003-C  (Chrome) Size: 240X150X60 Power: 3W  Lumens: 250-300


The lights can be installed on top of the mirrors especially designed by BMS and can be installed onto the wall using special bracket