Dear Customers,

We thought to remind you about the huge importance of home ventilation and especially wet areas ventilation.

It is especially important at winter time. Summertime you may just keep the windows open and it will be enough to ventilate your areas at home with high moisture such as bathrooms, kitchen, and laundries.

The moisture in these places is usually very high especially in the winter time because of temperature contrast and worst natural ventilation – we try to keep our home better insulated for keeping the higher temperature on winter days.

The solution for efficient ventilation of your bathrooms sometimes is very simple and not expensive. However, the good ventilation can do a big difference for the whole house comfort and healthier environment.

  • Please check whether you have your extraction fan in the bathroom working efficiently – you can just leave it after taking a shower for 30-40min and it should remove most of the moisture and leave your bathroom mirror dry and clean.
  • Please check your kitchen’s range hood ducting and filter. Sometimes just good cleaning of the filter can do a huge difference. The ducting and its junctions should keep the moisture and smells in removing all outside. You should feel pretty much no smell from the kitchen in time of cooking when the range hood working efficiently.
  • Please check the ducting and junctions of your clothes dryer to be sure that all of the moisture of the wet clothes is extracting outside and not penetrating through staying at home.

If you have got a concern or want an advice and no obligation suggestions please contact us Bright Mirror Solution.

We can help you with your ventilation!

It will be our pleasure to offer you the most cost-effective solution!