Every home should have the great mirrors

We believe that the mirrors are doing great job showing you how good each of your family members looks, but not only that …

A right mirror can make your space bigger, brighter, inviting, intreating, modern or classic, romantic or more business oriented…

We can help you decorating your place with absolutely amazing mirrors solutions where the limits are your imagination and budget.

We will offer you a mirror which we designed and manufactured. Alternatively, you may come with an idea which will be our pleasure to realize it for you.

The most popular mirrors are made of 5mm thick double painted glass, rectangular shape with polished edges. The mirrors we make custom to your space after taking accurate measurements. The  mirrors will have 16mm backside aluminium frame attached. The frame will be invisible, creating 3D look of the mirror on the wall; the lights can be added on top or sides, surround at the back creating the background light. This classic mirror of Bright Mirror Solution can be made for you and installed in 5-8 working days. Some prefabricated options are available and the range of our design ideas and solution grows constantly.

So, please just have a look our referenced projects and contact us with your creative ideas – it is highly appreciated. It will be our great pleasure to make your dream true!

“We proudly make your life brighter!”

Bright Mirror Solution Team